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Lighting by Design, LLC ( started in 2015 as little more than an insurance policy for retaining clients in our original businesses – providing full A/E services for restaurants, hospitality, and entertainment projects Nationwide.

With recent rapid technological advances, the lighting industry is plagued by compatibility and control issues and our A/E firms’ projects were suffering serious flickering, dimming, stability, and color quality issues. These issues spawned a massive wave of ‘over design’ by traditional lighting design firms scrambling to solve this by simply throwing our clients’ money at the problem. Lighting budgets blew up – yet all the lighting and control issues and post-construction finger pointing remained. While these issues didn’t stem from our own A/E design or specifications, our inability to resolve the issues for our clients threatened our ability to keep these clients. And frankly, we got sick and tired of ‘chasing ghosts’ around the myriad of things that can cause these lighting issues after they arose. We had to find a better way.

So we did. But instead of throwing money or new technology at the problem, at Lighting by Design we rely on our old-fashioned Midwestern common sense. Namely, the best way to solve these recurring issues is preventing them from happening in the first place. We found entire lighting systems being destabilized by just one substituted or faulty dimmer, or by just one lamp updated with a new LED driver, or by just one trim not adjusted properly in the field, or by a single toggle not checked in post project programming, etc, etc, etc…… Each of these would later become a needle in the haystack to find and resolve on a job site. But due to still rapidly advancing technology, new needles would always be there.

Owners love Lighting by Design for having a price competitive, single source responsibility for their lighting systems that are now STABLE! 

General contractors love Lighting by Design for eliminating the ‘chasing ghosts’ phase on lighting system punch lists plaguing them for years

Electricians love Lighting by Design for making the lighting system installation as simple as possible which directly boosts their bottom line

Architects & Engineers love Lighting by Design for cost effectively and reliably providing lighting design consulting to achieve their desired lighting effects